Planned Highlights

This is is EcoDoc Africa’s third year of operation and as such the plans for the year reflect ongoing engagement in documenting environmental issues, the development of the training component of EcoDoc Africa’s work as well as developing the administrative and accounting systems so that they are clear, simple, transparent and accountable.

· The most exciting new development within EcoDoc Africa is the development of the “Video fro Transformation” Training Programme which is aimed at demystify videography and helping environmentalists and human rights activists to understand the basics of filming, story-telling, editing and uploading to the internet. The training programme is based on the work of Witness and the International Accountability Project, as well as on Roy MacGregor’s four years experience teaching the Masters Class in Film and New Media at the University of Cape Town.

· EcoDoc Africa is also gaining experience in developing training videos on how to promote sustainable activities – and our first project is to produce two 30 minutes training videos to guide rural facilitators and farmers on how to manage and harvest rainwater and basic organic gardening techniques.

· One of our priority areas to focus on during this year is the development of our outreach programme, with more emphasis on ensuring that the videos and essays we produce are disseminated more effectively – through mainstream television, dedicated online sites such as and mainstream media, as well as more targeted and timely dissemination at key events and to key decision-makers. Our Outreach Programme is being run by Zainab Adams.

· EcoDoc Africa plans to broaden its Africa focus and to look at the inter-related issues of water security, river health, climate change, food security and renewable energy. The holding of the Climate Change COP 17 in South Africa from 28 November to 9 December is a key event in our calendar around which we will develop our key messages re climate change.

· This year has been declared the “International Year of Forests” and EcoDoc Africa will produce a video/photographic essay on the vast differences between forests and timber plantations as part of the broader awareness raising campaign of our partners.

· One of the highlights is the planned development of the South African Rainwater Harvesting Network and linking with SearNet – the Southern and Eastern African Rain Network – to hold a regional conference on Rainwater Harvesting in South Africa.

· Our plans include expedition travelling around Southern and Eastern Africa documenting a cross section of environmental issues and case studies with a special focus on the fifty year anniversary of Kariba Dam in Zambia and Zimbabwe, rainwater harvesting in Ethiopia and Kenya, and micro-hydro in the Malawi, Mozambique and Eastern Zimbabwe corridor.

· EcoDoc Africa was selected as one of forty RAMSAR Wetland Proposed Projects in the World. If funding is obtained, EcoDoc Africa will document in detail seven of South Africa’s prize wetlands.