Our Partners

About us and our partners:

Liane Greeff and Roy MacGregor are the main active members of EcoDoc Africa. We are nomadic and travel from project to project, spending months in different parts of South Africa, and increasingly we plan to spend more time further North exploring rainwater harvesting, sustainable agricultural practices and micro-hydro projects in other parts of Africa.

Other members of EcoDoc Africa are Philip Owen (who provides the Secretarial base in Mpumalanga, and which we are currently using as a base to operate from, and where most of the editing takes place), and December Ndlovu who helps with community visits and translation, and Zainab Adams who provides support.

Partner Organisations:

We aim to keep EcoDoc Africa lean to build up a broad range of partner organisations and individuals whose work we want to amplify. Our birth date was 17 April 2009 and the partner organisations that we have worked with since then include the following:

GeaSphere Earth Matters
Timber and Water Use: A Tour of the Jonkershoek Valley with Arthur Chapman
Thirsty alien trees, no water left and climate confusion. A photographic essay

The Environmental Monitoring Group (EMG)

o Water Flows to Money: Water and Climate Change

EMG and Justica Ambiental

o We Fear the Unknown Future:

African Rivers Network

o Declaration of Broken Promises

TimberWatch and World Rainforest Movement

Declaration against monoculture alien tree plantations
Declaración Internacional: ¡Detengan la expansión de los monocultivos de árboles!

International Rivers

o Lori Pottinger on Mphande Nkuwa

South Durban Environmental Alliance

o Shell Protest

The Water Dialogues South Africa

Straight Talk
Introduction and six case studies of The Water Dialogues South Africa


EcoDoc Africa is a member of the following networks

African Rivers Network
The South African Water Caucu

We receive funds directly from funders as well as through our project partners.
Direct funding from:

Global Greengrants Fund

Indirect funding from:

Swedish Society for Nature Conservation through GeaSphere for the “Plantation Trees and Water Documentary”
Siemen Puu Foundation through GeaSphere for the “Thirsty alien trees, no water left and climate confusion” Photographic Essay
Heinrich Boll Foundation through the Environmental Monitoring Group for “Water Flows to Money: Water and Climate Change”

Masibambane / Department of Water Affairs South Africa