In order to achieve our mission we have formulated the following key objectives:

· To produce and disseminate visual material such as DVDs, articles, papers, photographic essays, photographic and multi-media exhibitions of important environmental and social justice issues, with a special focus on water issues in Southern Africa and Africa.

· To develop a website and to use existing websites such as www.YouTube.com , www.MyVideo.co.za and www.flickr.com to disseminate these eco documents and documentaries and make them broadly available to interested parties throughout the world.

· To explore the latest Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as a means of raising the profile of sustainable development issues, and sharing research with our networks

· To train and to produce training materials to help other organisations to develop multi media materials.

· To work in partnership and to amplify the messages of environmental organisations in Southern Africa and Africa, or organisations who have a focus on Africa. The members of the African Rivers Network and the South African Water Caucus have particular relevance in this regard.

· To facilitate people’s testimonies and stories of environmental and social injustices and being exposed to decision makers and the media.

· To highlight people’s positive examples of working with the earth in an eco- sustainable manner.

· To work in collaboration with partner organisations across Africa (and across the world) and to promote dissemination of materials in different languages