Prime 20 Car Insurance In South Africa In 2018


60% of this population of South Africa drive cars daily, some of these cars are for personal use, others may be for office use while some are transport vehicles. Each car we use daily might someday be concerned in a single accident or even the other, it could even be theft or fire, which result in damage for the cars and some other effects. Many of these might cost us massive amount money which can never be available at that time period. That’s where the insurance company comes into place, so what now is a car insurance company? And which ones are among the Top 20 best auto insurance In South Africa.

What Is Motor Insurance ?

    • Motor insurance, could be the provision of financial protection to cars against any physical damage from accident as well as other related issues even theft. Exactly the same way we secure our lives and properties that is the same way we secure our vehicles.


    • Presently there are lots of auto insurance companies in South Africa, this article will probably list out the top 20 for you, you can easily pick out which of them you prefer best. Now before we do this, there are numerous things to consider before picking out a motor vehicle insurance provider. Many of them are;

      1. Your budget
      2. and just how much you earn,
      3. Are you retired or
      4. can you work definately not home. These are a few of the factors you’re going to have to consider. Now read below.



      • Auto and General have been existing for a long time now, over the past 30 years. The corporation goes well beyond automobiles, you can easily as well pick from life insurance policies policies and short-term insurance policies, it really is made to meet different needs. The insurance coverage company offers several options when it comes to car insurance. They offer the essential types of automobiles/car cover that are Comprehensive, Third-party only, Third-party fire and theft. The organization can also be ready to include Tyre and Rim guard, Mechanical breakdown. Most of these can be found in the event that you add more money to your monthly payment. The business in addition has expanded its operations to many other countries like UK and Australia.


      • This company’s insurance is affordable with a variety of solutions, they provide different choices to people from a thorough insurance, Off-road cover, third-party only, third-party fire and theft. The company is well trusted and respected brand.


      • This provider offers one of the best car insurance policies, we call them tailored made policies. They usually have the Comprehensive cover which can be very costly, they will have the third-party only, third-party fire and theft.


      • Budget insurance has helped and also developed in reducing expense. The organization has different car insurance covers from Comprehensive, Third-party fire and theft, alternative party only and Better car value. Budget is one of the best plus it’s affordable.


      • Discovery is just one of the best car Insurance Companies in South Africa , the business gives rewards to safe drivers, the company is termed as one of the best, because you can check their policies online, not absolutely all auto insurance companies do this. A lot of them are shy of explaining their policies to their clients, but discovery insurance is certainly one company that puts everything down and also make things simpler for you.


      • This business has distinguished themselves from others, with over a century experience, they have provided good services. The majority of the staffs in the company has worked as much as 3 decades, the organization helps by reducing monthly contributions by a primary amount payable option.


      • Their policies offer automobile insurance for several forms of vehicles. The company offers four (4) main alternatives for auto insurance ranging from Comprehensive, Third-party only, Third-party fire and theft and Better car. The better car option gives clients newer type of car if theirs get destroyed beyond repair in an accident.


      • Launched in 1998, they usually have well-trained staffs to provide quality services and products to clients. The business helps loads of drivers to make the journey to their destination over time, the company achieves this for their skilled point-men.


      • This provider product is meant for the women alone. They will have different choices ranging from the higher car value, Comprehensive, Third-party only, Third-party fire and theft. The organization give attention to women only since they believe they have been way more safe drivers than men and their services are extremely cheap.


      • An old insurance provider, founded in 1918, the company offers an array of products. Nearly all organizations arrive at them for car insurance covers, they provide third-party only, third-party fire and theft, Comprehensive.


      • The organization provides quality customer services, and they’ve got an array of products and services. They usually have good tailored policies for their clients.


      • The organization provides top quality risk management methods to their clients. They have the classic policy, executive policy, personal policy and value added products.


      • The company has over three decades experience. The company has different branch scattered in various countries. They started off in Kenyan, they provide plenty of top quality contents and services for their clients.


      • The business provides plenty of services, created in 1992 and it also was first known as AFG.


      • Located in Johannesburg, South Africa. They offer insurance brokerage services and alternative risks transfers. Guardrisk uses the cell concepts to enable clients to insure their risk exposures through equity participation.


      • Also one of the better auto insurance in South Africa , this business provides from car insurance to even life insurance coverage. Among the best services, they usually have a selection of options that suits you from comprehensive to third-party theft and fire, and third-party only.


      • They operate a short-term insurance sector. The organization strives to function as the most effective insurance platform. They have a wide range of services to provide to prospective customers.


      • The organization provides short-term insurance solutions for cars. It is rated among the list of top best insurance company. They will have 24 hour service, they will have the mobile app to submit your claims, these are generally targeted at putting customer’s first.


      • Once the name implies King, very important personnel. The business does not joke together with her clients, these are generally termed as one of the best among it’s peers for value and money. If you should be a king price customer, you’ve got the advantageous asset of insuring other stuff together with your digital camera can be insured. They promise and they never fail to hand back.


      • The organization covers from comprehensive to third-party only and even third-party fire and theft. Virgin insurance gives their clients exactly what they truly are promised and even more.

I think with this specific list, you can easily choose your absolute best and patronize them. Insurance providers are great in assisting us in times of risks. Go and patronize them and get your vehicle in safe hands.

Top 5 Cheap Auto Insurance Companies


In South Africa, car insurance is yet another cost carried by the driver or owner of every motor vehicle – whether it is bikes or cars, trucks or scooters. This added cost is only mandatory in instances where vehicles are ordered through A financing house – there aren’t any other rules stipulating a driver needs to be in possession of current insurance when driving your own motor vehicle.

  • In places such as the USA, however, car insurance is part and parcel of driving or owning any vehicle. Being caught driving a car without valid and current insurance is a punishable offence.
  • While us South Africans might consider ourselves “lucky” in that valid insurance is certainly not a pre-requisite, we must remember the implications of not actually having insurance (LINK).
  • Having said that, motor vehicle insurance is not always cheap, nor affordable. That’s why we’ve looked around to locate some of our countries’ cheapest motor insurance companies.
  • While this just isn’t the official ranking, it’s safe to state why these companies can and likely will offer you an aggressive quote.
  • If you’re not feeling as much as being forced to undergo all the questions, tedious confirmations and safety checks. Another option to consider when trying to save cash on your monthly motor insurance, is always to choose to work through an insurance broker. They have been independent bodies who can source and negotiate the greatest prices for you – they’re the guys who do the dirty work.
  • Without further ado, here’s our directory of South Africa’s most budget-friendly car insurance companies!

Cheap Car Insurance Companies South Africa

Prime Meridian Direct

  • What do they need to say?
  • “South African motorists need innovative, tailored auto insurance products that are affordable and cost-effective. However, you describe it, car insurance like this may help millions of South African motorists. The South African Rand has depreciated by significantly more than 60% within the last few 3 to 4 years. Consequently, the buying price of imported vehicle parts has sky rocketed, steeply pushing up the cost of vehicle repairs and the average car insurance claim amount along with it. In addition, the cost of vehicle recovery and salvage has risen dramatically too with as much as 40% of this average R20 000 claim visiting the price of getting the vehicle from the site regarding the accident to your repairer.”

MiWay motor insurance

  • Why is MiWay be noticed?
  • “Affordable premiums. An easy-to-understand excess structure. Great customer service – plus the power to manage your policy yourself online. A hassle-free claims process – claim online or via our App. Free roadside emergency assistance *. Free WeDrive (MiWay’s take-me-home service) trips *”

King Price Insurance

  • What does KingPrice have to give?
  • “We realize that auto insurance is a grudge purchase but, with 10 million cars on the way in South Africa, it is important. So, we try to take the “eina” out of your insurance options. You’ll realize that we don’t take ourselves too seriously but we take what we do very seriously… Like providing the same comprehensive insurance policy as everybody else, just at our cheapest possible price, and always with our own special brand of award-winning royal service. You can expect value-for-money and service with a smile. So just why pay more??”

Old Mutual iWyze

  • What do they have to say about themselves?
  • “You have high standards with regards to your car or truck, so choose Old Mutual iWYZE as the wise and experienced insurance partner to keep you within the winning league with reliable car insurance at affordable premiums, real benefits and an excellent Cash Back Bonus. Whether you drive a motor vehicle, bakkie or 4X4, ride a motorcycle, or travel with a trailer and caravan, stick to the road to success with iWYZE as your trusted travel companion.”


  • So what does Outsurance have to state?
  • “Key Features: Cash OUTbonus, Fixed excess structure, Free Help@OUT emergency assistance”
  • “Our Car insurance product offers you more than that which you bargained for! Auto insurance cover comes standard with a variety of benefits, such as for instance a hard and fast excess, 12-month guaranteed premiums, fast claims settlement and a cash OUTbonus of 10% of the paid premiums back after three claim-free years. We also cover hail damage as standard and you receive free Help@OUT roadside emergency assistance, 24/7, whether you’re stuck with a flat tyre or perhaps you’ve go out of fuel.”

Whether you’re still considering insurance overall, or shopping around – make sure you will get at least 3 quotes from various insurers. Compare each insurer’s quote to see just what they are going to offer in comparison to simply how much they will charge a fee, and decide only from there what is going to suit YOUR needs best.
To connect with insurance brokers, and let us perform some hard work for your needs, just click here to obtain in touch!
The opinions reflected when you look at the article are not that associated with publisher. There’s no official ranking associated with cheapest insurer. No official research was conducted when compiling this list. We usually do not accept responsibility from any issues as a result of any quotations accepted, according to this article.

Some Of The Best Car Insurance Companies


Choosing the best car insurance policy could be a little bit of a pain, if you aren’t clear on what you ought to be in search of. Many buyers simply wind up choosing among the first car insurance companies they arrive across, simply because they simply didn’t wish to take the time to find the appropriate coverage. They know they could cut costs when they looked just a little further, but sometimes the savings just doesn’t appear to be worth the trouble. However, if you simply think about the questions below this selection of car insurance companies, you’ll find just the right policy.

Featured Company – MiWay Insurance

  • MiWay offers flexible and affordable car insurance and it is really the only motor insurance company which allows you to purchase your car insurance online, without speaking to a representative! By taking out your insurance online, MiWay will pay you the average full month’s premium after a couple of months!.
  • Should you prefer a call, their customer friendly call center shall help you through the ins and outs of auto insurance.
  • Get a MiWay car insurance quote NOW!.

The following is a list of motor insurance Companies in South Africa. As you can see it is a really long list which should equate into lots of choice for you the consumer.

  1. AIG South Africa Limited
  2. Alexander Forbes Group (Pty) Ltd
  3. Alexander Forbes Insurance Carrier Ltd
  4. Auto and General Insurance Limited
  5. BOE Insurance Company Limited
  6. Compass Insurance Provider Limited
  7. Constantia Insurance Carrier Limited
  8. Customer Protection Insurance Carrier Limited
  9. Dial Direct Insurance Provider Limited
  10. Emerald Insurance Company Limited
  11. Guardrisk Insurance Provider Limited
  12. Hollard Insurance Provider Limited
  13. Hollard Pay As You Drive
  14. King Price Insurance
  15. MiWay Insurance Limited
  16. Monarch Insurance Provider Limited
  17. MUA Insurance Company
  18. Mutual and Federal Insurance Company Limited
  19. National Insurers Limited
  20. Nedcor Insurance Company Limited
  21. Nedinsurance Company Limited
  22. New National Assurance Company Limited
  23. Nova Risk Insurance Provider Limited
  24. Outsurance Insurance Company Limited
  25. Pinnafrica Insurance Company Limited
  26. Rand Mutual Assurance Company Limited
  27. Relyant Insurance Company Limited
  28. Renasa Insurance Company Limited
  29. SA Eagle Insurance Carrier Limited
  30. Safire Insurance Carrier Limited
  31. Santam Limited
  32. Sentrasure Limited
  33. Stanbic Insurance Limited
  34. Standard Insurance Limited
  35. Unitrans Insurance Company Limited
  36. Youi

Is it the Best Price on auto insurance – Or the greatest Value?

  • Lots of people don’t understand that there’s a bit distinction between the very best price additionally the cost effective. The greatest pricing is basically the least amount of money you can easily pay, which can appear to be a value, but isn’t always. Getting the cost effective on auto insurance, on the other hand, means not merely paying less than for any other policies, but actually getting decidedly more. Your ultimate goal should be first and foremost to obtain the coverage you may need. Then compare prices on that standard of coverage, to get the best value for your money overall.

Performs this Company Seem to Have Confusing Small Print Or Perhaps Not?

  • You intend to shop with an organization that doesn’t have a number of small print, exceptions, additions or confusing language within their policies for auto insurance. If a company is actually providing an invaluable product at a great rate, you will see no reason at all in order for them to hide some of their wording on the policy. Go through the documents you before you sign them, while making sure that you completely understand your coverage, and what your fees and pricing structures should be for the policy.

The length of time Am I Planning To Have to Watch For My Coverage To Start Working?

  • Waiting a week or higher for the auto insurance to start working is a hassle anyway, nevertheless when you think about simply how much of an inconvenience it is if you end up stepping into an accident through that waiting period, you can view you could be set for a sticky situation. Seek out a business that is going to offer you instant coverage – right online. This not only ensures that you’re covered as soon as you sign up and activate your account, it means that you’re not planning to need certainly to waste time or money waiting to get covered.

Can I Contact This Company If I Have Questions or Concerns?

  • Your vehicle insurance is very important, and in case you’ve got any questions, concerns or claims in order to make, you need to make certain that your insurance provider will be there to help you through the specific situation and answr fully your questions. Make sure that you’re choosing an organization that gives both online and phone support. They ought to additionally be a company that is going to give you support around the clock, 7 days a week, for each and every day of the season.

15 Compact Car Insurance in South Africa

EcoDocAfrica1 car insurance
Finding an inexpensive car insurance by yourself isn’t that easy, especially if you are a new driver, insurance firms will reap you apart. So, luckily below are 15 strategies for you to get cheaper car insurance plus there are a few of this trusted insurances included here about this page.

  • Look over each tip before carefully deciding in the company you wanna insure your car with. Very important, insuring your car or truck is the best favor you need to do on your own, you don’t wanna be caught up in the exact middle of frustration of loosing your car during unforeseen circumstances called accidents.

1. Comparison Shop-car insurance

  • Finding the most economical motor insurance is not as hard as it once was. With many different auto insurance agents located throughout the country, and some available exclusively online, your alternatives are now actually more plentiful than ever before. The hard part is sorting them out in order to make sure you are getting the absolute most affordable rates while still maintaining the precise amount of coverage you want.
  • The first thing you ought to do while looking for cheap motor insurance is shop around. Check with your area’s local phone book, call or visit agencies near you, and remember to make notes regarding prices.
  • Next you’ll want to do some online investigation to learn your on line motor insurance options. Again, take down notes and compare these towards the notes you have concerning local agents.
  • Finally, pose a question to your friends and family members what insurer they use, and request any recommendations or warnings they may have about other agencies. You’re sure to receive an unbiased opinion each time.

2. Age-Based Discounts-car insurance

  • Many younger drivers may not realize this, however your age is an important factor in setting the actual cost of your automobile insurance premium. You’ll typically see premiums lowered once you hit the age of 25, with discounts that can sometimes be as high as 20%, though other factors such as for example marital status and driving record are also taken into account.
  • The lowest premiums related to cheap motor insurance rates are usually provided to drivers involving the ages of 25 and 55. This age bracket is regarded as to be among the safest drivers on the highway; certainly safer than teenagers and elderly drivers.

3. Go on to a Lower-Crime Area-car insurance.

  • The positioning of your property plus your daily commute to your workplace can be taken into consideration by insurance agents when determining your car insurance fees. This might be one factor for many good reasons.
  • Individuals who live and park their car in wealthy neighborhoods are statistically less likely to want to have their car stolen, broken into, or damaged while it is parked overnight. Secondly, all those who have shorter commutes to and from work are statistically less inclined to be engaged in any sort of accident while they spend a shorter time on your way than drivers with longer commutes.

4. Consider Getting an alternative Vehicle if Savings Warrant it-car insurance

  • Are you aware that insurance on a honda could be more expensive than insurance on a Jaguar?
  • The actual make and specific model of your vehicle can also be used to find out exactly how much you pay for cheap auto insurance. These records is very important to your insurance agent for a number of reasons.
  • The newer the car, the greater the repair/replacement cost.
  • On the other hand, some vehicles are simply just more reliable than others. A used vehicle that’s been on the road for 20 years is not nearly as reliable as a brand new car. Though it may be more affordable to purchase the older, used car, you may find yourself paying higher insurance charges as a result of it.
  • People who own sports cars and luxury vehicles can also expect higher premiums than most other drivers.

5. Increasing Your Deductible Can Save You $100’s a Year-car insurance

  • A deductible may be the amount of money you will be actually required to pay out in case of an accident before your insurer can pay out on your claim. The amount of your deductible can be one of the greatest factors in determining your car insurance premiums. In fact, the larger this deductible is, the less you’ll have to cover coverage on a month-to-month basis.
  • Most drivers don’t realize this, but the majority agents will actually allow you to raise the deductible amount to be able to reduce your monthly rates. If you’re looking for cheap motor insurance then this is an excellent deal for you personally; particularly if you have a clear driving record because you can not ever have to actually pay this deductible.

6. Consolidate Your Policies With One Company-car insurance

  • If you now have multiple insurance coverages through many different companies then you can manage to consolidate them and that means you have to cope with one insurance professional. As an example, a lot of people have separate policies on the house, their car, and maybe even a boat or recreational vehicle.
  • Combining all of these separate policies into one, or at the very least choosing one company to address your entire policies, can eliminate an amount of hassles. It may lower the amount of money you pay every month for insurance all over.

7. Check For Multiple Vehicle Discounts-car insurance

  • Many individuals own multiple cars, & most of the owners keep insurance on all their vehicles year round. Others may own seasonal cars, show cars, or any other vehicles which can be only brought out on rare occasions.
  • If you have multiple vehicles for reasons uknown, it is possible to consolidate them all onto one insurance coverage when looking for cheap car insurance. The advantages of this include less paper mail being provided for your house as well as a reduction in your insurance fees every month.
  • Multiple drivers can be put into an insurance policy, enabling you to further reduce your car insurance premiums.

8. Stay Loyal-car insurance

  • Loyalty means a lot in just about any business, and the auto insurance company is no different. In reality, many auto insurance companies are now offering reduced premiums as a means of rewarding some of their most loyal customers.
  • While looking for cheap car insurance, agent loyalty will be your closest friend. Once you find an insurance company that offers the quantity of coverage you need for the right price, develop a relationship together with them.
  • Loyalty also pertains to making your instalments on time. Paying your premiums on or ahead of the due date every single month will allow you to avoid late fees and additional fines or charges.

9. Get Liability Only if Your Car is Older-car insurance

  • Most drivers automatically go for full dental coverage plans on their vehicles when in reality, don’t assume all certainly one of us needs full coverage. If you’re looking for cheap auto insurance, look for an insurance plan that covers just the areas you may need and nothing more.
  • In the event that you already have full coverage insurance, it is never far too late to ask your agent for a decline in coverage. Towing fees and rental car fees that are covered by a policy may sound good, but if you have got an extra car then you may not ever have to use a rental car. Furthermore, some individuals may hold memberships elsewhere that grant them access to reduced towing or automobile service charges.

10. Get Storage Insurance when your Not Driving a Vehicle Year Round-car insurance

  • When your vehicle is used as a seasonal vehicle or a show vehicle you might not require full insurance all year round. For vehicles that are place in storage for almost any length of time, storage insurance is the best option for cheap motor insurance.
  • Note that this kind of insurance just isn’t legal for driving on, though it will shell out in the case your vehicle is damaged during storage. Dependent on the exact make and model regarding the car in question, and with respect to the kind of damage that has been done, repairing the vehicle without insurance may end up costing you 1000s of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses.

11. Improve and Fix your Credit History-car insurance

  • Your credit rating affects a lot of different things that you experienced, not the least of which will be your auto insurance rates. If you’re interested in cheap auto insurance, one of the better things you can do is clean up your credit score; it may possibly be costing you 1000s of dollars annually on the auto insurance payments.
  • Keep your credit history clean if you are paying bills on time, paying back loans on time, and avoiding maxing out your bank cards. Bounced checks and bank overdrafts may also hurt your credit score, not forgetting your pocketbook as well.

12. Clean Your Driving Record-car insurance

  • Maintaining a clean driving record is the key to getting dirt cheap auto insurance from your own agent. Your first accident alone may bring about just as much as a 40% increase in your monthly premium, so driving carefully while regarding the roadways can really help to keep your auto insurance as affordable as you can.
  • Most car insurance companies offer a price reduction for safe drivers, though the exact definition and criteria of “safe” driving and a “clean” driving record will likely change from agent to agent and company to company. Remember that agents aren’t prone to bring this discount up on their very own, so don’t be afraid to inquire about them about it if you feel you’ve got the clean driving record to back it up.

13. Vehicle Safety Issues-car insurance

  • The security of one’s vehicle is likewise taken into account by your agent when you’re hoping to get cheap motor insurance. The technology and features seen in newer vehicles make sure they are far safer than older vehicles, to get a start on lowering your premiums either by having updated safety features professionally installed into an outdated vehicle, or simply by purchasing a more recent car.
  • Things to try to find when taking vehicle safety into mind include automatic seatbelts, as this feature almost guarantees that both the driver and passenger would be wearing their belts after all time, and both driver-side and passenger-side airbags.
  • Airbags when you look at the rear seats associated with the vehicle will also help to enhance the safety rating of one’s car, thereby cutting your monthly motor insurance rates in the process.

14. Get a Security Device-car insurance

  • Exactly where you park your vehicle through the night is a big factor when calculating your auto insurance premiums, but having advanced vehicle security are often factored in. In the event your vehicle has already been loaded with a modern, functioning home security system, mention it to your agent; you may be able to get a diminished premium due to it.
  • When your vehicle doesn’t already have an alarm and you want cheap car insurance, it may possibly be worthwhile to pick up a brand new system and also have it installed. Today’s vehicle alarm systems are not nearly as expensive as they was once, these are generally easy and quick to put in for anyone with common automotive knowledge, and so they will save you a ton of cash not just on the car insurance, but in case someone attempts to break-in to your car or truck as well.

15. Park Off-Street, and on occasion even in a Garage-car insurance

  • While vandalism is more obvious in a few components of the nation, there isn’t any doubt that the trend is in the rise through the entire country. Unfortunately, among the top targets for today’s thieves and vandals include cars that are parked out in the open and left unlocked and unattended. They are the easiest targets to hit, and several drivers have trouble finding cheap motor insurance due to it.
  • In case the car is parked in an exclusive garage on your property, however, you are likely to see a sharp decline in your auto insurance coverage. This is not to say that a garage is a foolproof method of protecting your vehicle or your property, however it can help deter thieves.
  • Insurance agents know this, and they’re willing to ask you for just a little bit less if you should be in a position to park in a garage through the night. Even a simple carport can help lower your insurance costs; it never hurts to inquire about.
  • Have you found this article useful, share it with someone who have a vehicle, they could love it as well.

Tourist Attractions And Things You Can Do In Cape Town

Things To Do

Beyond the popular tourist attractions in Cape Town as well as the seemingly endless range of things to do in Cape Town, you will find few places in the world that can match the scenic diversity of South Africa’s Western Cape. This is when mountains meet up with the sea in scenes of dramatic contrast, and rows of vineyards stretch across valleys and hills. Through the Garden Route to the summit of Table Mountain, from the fishing villages across the West Coast towards the welcoming towns regarding the Karoo, the Western Cape is home to a staggering number of must-see attractions.

What You’ll Discover

  • Explore the Western Cape to uncover world-class wines, unspoiled beaches, whale watching, contrasting landscapes (that change as dramatically as the elements), adventure activities, together with diverse ecosystems associated with the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, which meet at the southern tip of Africa. Regardless of the beautiful natural surrounds, you may soon find that the list of places of interest in Cape Town as well as the Western Cape extend far beyond the usual sun, sea and surf.
  • With three incredible Sun International casinos and hotels conveniently positioned to offer you a wealth of things you can do in Cape Town, we’ll be sure you experience the best that this remarkable corner of South Africa has to offer.

Explore Cape Town’s Places Of Interest

  • There are many reasoned explanations why Cape Town is Africa’s darling. With bragging rights to Table Mountain, its close proximity to Robben Island plus some of the greatest beaches in the field, Cape Town promises an unbeatable variety of activities. The list of activities to do in Cape Town is only limited by the duration of the stay along with your imagination.
  • Situated from the V&A Waterfront, The Table Bay hotel enjoys the greatest address in Cape Town, and is perfectly positioned within easy reach of the most extremely popular tourist attractions in Cape Town. Not only does the central location provide for easy access to the best Western Cape activities, nevertheless the hotel offers you an extra transfer and tour service along with ideas and itineraries for activities to do in Cape Town.
  • Whether it’s culinary delights during the finest restaurants and local eateries, luxury shopping or exploring Cape Town’s unique craft markets. Whether or not it’s a call to historical South African museums, a taste regarding the nightlife in trendy Camps Bay or even the views through the Table Mountain cableway, The Table Bay hotel offers both half-day and full-day luxury tours to give you the most effective experiences that Cape Town, plus the Western Cape, has to offer.
  • Explore South Africa’s oldest city and experience its unique diverse cultures, spectacular architecture, historical sights and awe-inspiring scenery.

Top Activities To Do In Cape Town

  1. Spend per day exploring the V&A Waterfront. Probably one of the most popular shopping destinations in Africa, the V&A Waterfront is without question one of the most visited tourist attractions in Cape Town. The Table Bay is the only hotel with immediate access for this world-class shopping and leisure destination. Go to the Two Oceans Aquarium at the waterfront to explore our unique underwater ecosystems.
  2. Take a ferry over the bay to explore Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was once imprisoned. The guided tour through the prison will give you unique insight into a remarkable chapter of South Africa’s history. Whether you have got planned a quick trip or a leisurely vacation – this is probably the most historically significant locations in South Africa – and, therefore, one of several top tourist attractions in Cape Town.
  3. For history buffs who would like more, there is a whole menu of options to explore in Cape Town, from The Castle of Good Hope to the museums around the historic Company’s Gardens. Take a trip through the colourful neighbourhoods of Bo-Kaap and historic District 6.
  4. Catch the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway to the summit of Table Mountain for a few of South Africa’s most well-known views. Or follow one of the numerous hiking trails that lead through the hustle and bustle for the city through the Table Mountain National Park.
  5. Have a picnic during the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. This has to be on the variety of things you can do in Cape Town during the summer.
  6. Discover Cape Town’s culinary delights and eat at a few of South Africa’s best restaurants, including our personal Camissa, which serves up delectable fare by Executive Chef at The Table Bay, Jocelyn Myers-Adams. From hidden gems over the Constantia Wine Route like La Colombe, to inner-city gastronomical destinations just like the Test Kitchen, Cape Town is a food-lover’s paradise.
  7. Why don’t you be a part of the best foodie experience and carry on a Table Bay Food Foraging tour? This excellent guided adventure through the city will provide you with an insight to the abundance of food growing on our doorsteps. Plus, Executive Chef Jocelyn Myers-Adams will turn your foraged bounty into a gourmet feast, in your honour.
  8. Spend a single day at certainly one of Cape Town’s incredible beaches. There is a reason the beaches regarding the Mother City remain popular places of interest in Cape Town, year in year out for guests from about the whole world.
  9. If entertainment is what you’re after, why not check out GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World? Home to your only ice rink in Cape Town, as well as the biggest casino when you look at the Western Cape, you’re spoiled for choice at GrandWest. It is one of the most fun things to do in Cape Town when it rains.
  10. For top level Cape Town live entertainment acts that range between cabaret to international performers, GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World is where you wish to be.

Cape Town will be the jewel associated with Western Cape, but there are lots of places to explore within easy reach associated with city centre. In accordance with luxury tour services available as a guest of this Table Bay, exactly what are you looking forward to?

Top Attractions And Activities Near Cape Town

Top attractions and activities for day trips near Cape Town.

  1. Find the South Peninsula that stretches from world-famous Chapman’s Peak through Noordhoek and Simonstown to South Africa’s most dramatic stretch of coastline: Cape Point. The “warmer” bays regarding the South Peninsula form a picturesque backdrop to quaint seaside towns like Kalk Bay and Muizenberg, which can make for a wonderful day of vintiquing. Our half-day South Peninsula luxury tour also contains an optional boat trip to Seal Island and a trip to Boulders Beach, home of a distinctive penguin colony.
  2. Just one hour’s drive through the Table Bay hotel in Cape Town, the estates associated with Cape Winelands are well-known for producing award-winning wines in addition to serving incredible haute cuisine. Set against imposing mountains, the lush valleys of the winelands are yours to discover on a Table Bay hotel Winelands Tour, which include cellar tours and tastings at some of the best wineries in the region.
  3. Are you aware? The Western Cape attracts a bevy of filmmakers from abroad for the diversity of locations on offer. It is a world of destinations in one single easily accessible province, which makes sense then that the West Coast feels like somewhere out from the Mediterranean. Whitewashed fishing cottages and grey landscapes make up this stretch of shoreline, but come spring, the veld explodes in a burst of colourful wildflowers.
  4. If you should be in Cape Town during September, make every day of it and set off to Hermanus for many satisfying whale watching.

The Gateway Into The Boland

  • The Golden Valley Casino and Lodge offers lots of activities to do in Worcester, from playing slots and tables at most intimate casino when you look at the Western Cape to enjoying regular live entertainment at Winners Sports Bar. Spend the afternoon poolside during the Golden Valley Lodge as the kids are entertained at Harry’s Corner, or make a meal from it at family-friendly Kuipers restaurant.
  • The Golden Valley Casino and Lodge also provides the perfect launchpad from where to explore the Boland together with many activities and attractions that this famously hospitable section of the Western Cape is offering. From olive tasting to river rafting, there’s an adventure along with your name about it.

Top Things To Do Near Golden Valley

  1. With Franschhoek and Paarl just around the corner, you’ve got use of some of the best wine estates in your community, including Babylonstoren. For a unique winelands experience, opt for the hop-on hop-off winelands tram, which chugs past several notable estates. Alternatively, explore the Worcester wine route that forms part of Cape Route 62, the longest wine route on earth.
  2. Wildlife lovers can go on safari at nearby Big 5 Fairy Glen Private Game Reserve, while botany enthusiasts will like exploring the Karoo Desert National Botanical Gardens, fabled for being truly the only true succulent gardens into the Southern Hemisphere.
  3. Play a round of golf in the Gary Player-designed Worcester Golf Club, or get the thrills rafting down the Breede River.

The most sought-after tourist attractions in Cape Town are yours to enjoy when sticking with Sun International. Whatever it really is you’re to locate with regards to things you can do in Cape Town, Sun International has you covered with a wide range of activities and experiences.

Top 10 Things To Do in Cape Town, South Africa

Things To Do

Cape Town has it all — exquisite beaches, breathtaking scenery and wildlife, world-renowned gastronomy and buzzing nightlife. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it into the “Mother City.” Listed here are our top picks for what to complete!

1. Look at the Cape Peninsula

  • Benefit from the sites of Table Mountain National Park, a normal world heritage site and “Natural New Seven Wonder around the globe.” Ensure that you’re able to match everything into one amazing day by booking a Cape Peninsula tour with Escape towards the Cape Tours. You’ll manage to start to see the famous Cape of Good Hope, Cape Point and Boulder’s Beach, home to the African Penguin colony.

2. Visit the Cape Winelands

  • Just about an hour’s drive from Cape Town lies the Cape Winelands. Franschoek and Stellenbosch are a couple of of my personal favorite regions. Three vineyards to check out in Franschhoek are Môreson, La Petite Ferme, and Haute Cabrière. I would suggest taking a personal car so you can handpick for which you go and arrange for private tours, but some visitors enjoy the The Franschhoek Wine Tram, a hop-on hop-off tram through this region which will take one to various vineyards sans a designated driver. Franschhoek can be home to arguably the most effective hotel on earth — La Residence. A stay listed here is to not ever be missed — just ask Sir Elton John or one of its other celebrity fans. Stellenbosch can also be an excellent region to go to. The most effective vineyards listed here are Tokara, Kanonkop, and Delaire Graff Estate; the latter even boasts an over-the-top luxury lodge that people highly recommend. The accommodations at Delaire Graff Estate are not something you may soon forget. Groot Constantia, the oldest wine producing estate in South Africa can be worth a call. It’s located in the Constantia Valley, no more than 20 minutes outside of Cape Town.

3. Life’s a Beach

  • Camp’s Bay, nestled just beneath the Twelve Apostles mountain range, is the perfect chic and trendy beach town to visit. I suggest a stay in the luxurious Marly Hotel located directly down the street through the beach. Make sure to check out Umi restaurant at the Marly for excellent sushi and views regarding the sunset. Hout Bay can be an exceptionally romantic and picturesque spot to take pleasure in the Atlantic Ocean. When it comes to ultimate romantic getaway, head to Tintswalo Atlantic, located on Chapman’s Peak Drive, part of Table Mountain National Park. This gem offers killer views as well as the ultimate in Five Star luxury.

4. Get Schooled in South African History

  • Visit Nelson Mandela’s prison cell of nearly two decades on Robben Island. Tours are now actually done by former prisoners. Hearing their firsthand accounts is absolutely priceless. We promise after your visit that you’ll be inspired to learn more. For a fantastic tour that highlights the lesser-known players throughout the revolutionary struggle in Cape Town, espresso beans Routes offers a brilliant and interesting tour called The Revolution Route.

5. Enjoy the View

  • A visit to Table Mountain for the sweeping and expansive views of Cape Town is essential. If you’re trying to acquire some exercise, take a 2-hour hike to Table Mountain’s summit. Adventurers are able to rappel back off! The more faint-hearted can take the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway.

6. Go through the Townships

  • Townships were created as living areas for non-whites during Apartheid, but they are still home to a huge amount of the people today. Do a half-day experience with Uthando whose tours are authentic, uplifting, and non-invasive. Uthando’s profits head to help raise funds for community development projects in South Africa. Along with learning concerning the country’s tumultuous past, you’ll be inspired by the incredible work being done to move forward.

7. Eat Your Heart Out

  • Maybe you are surprised to learn that Cape Town is home for some of this world’s best gastronomy. The Test Kitchen, recently lauded as one of the World’s Best Restaurants by San Pellegrino, is the city’s most exclusive restaurant. Call in advance to try to snag reservations. Chef Luke Dale-Roberts’ tasting menu won’t disappoint. The trendy Pot Luck Club (and sister restaurant to Test Kitchen) is situated on top floor associated with the Silo during the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, and its own small plates can make your taste buds dance. Indulge in bistro classics with an updated twist at Bistro Bizerca Signal serves up contemporary Cape Town cuisine in a warm and inviting environment. For delectable cupcakes, pies and petit-fours, visit Charly’s Bakery. Plus it’s worth a visit out to wine country simply to visit The Tasting Room, consistently ranked as one of the best restaurants on earth.

8. Visit Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

  • This shopping and entertainment destination is crucial — and perfect for families, too — with many free events, outdoor concerts and a great amount of unique shopping. The V&A Market from the Wharf is also a must-see for foodies. And because shopping and eating can be exhausting, go to the best spa in Cape Town, located during the One & Only hotel into the V&A Waterfront.

9. Shop on Long Street

  • Long Street has some of Cape Town’s best shopping. Merchants on Long is a beautifully curated space with sets from unique fashion to perfume. Two other great finds are on Church Street just off Long Street: Chandler House has incredible ceramic works and knick knacks and Olive Green Cat offers stylish jewelry and unusual bling.

10. Make the Memories Last Forever

  • Capture the magic of one’s vacation with a photo shoot with an expert vacation photographer from Flytographer — because isn’t a memory the very best souvenir? This super service connects you with local, talented photographers to take professional, photojournalistic-style vacation photos of both you and your vacation companions!

Book tours with Escape into the Cape, that provides extremely professional luxury tours at reasonable prices. To book travel accommodations with a practiced expert, contact Tim Krenzien at Paul Klein Travel.
Make certain you read our full article about activities in Cape Town!

7 Amazing Things to do in Cape Town

Things To Do

Seeing the Jewel of South Africa

  • Cape Town is unlike some other city. Along with its controversial history and culture it offers an edgy vibe that attracts, fascinates and divides people in equal measure. From my experience, and that of others i am aware who’ve been, it is a location you quickly fall in deep love with.
  • Cape Town is full of vibrant and fun people and, most importantly for backpackers, lots of epic activities. To simply help narrow your choices down, here’s your ‘absolute must’ list.

1. Bo-Kaap

  • Bo-Kaap is the Malay Quarter of Cape Town, set on the slopes of Signal Hill. It’s a colourful area with quaint houses painted in a variety of shades – think Balamory but better. The multi-coloured dwellings in the cobbled streets are an enormous draw for anybody travelling through, in accordance with such a multicultural community the area is also filled with flavoursome must-eats.
  • Sample the best bites by firmly taking a food tour where you’ll end up getting a meal in someone’s home – I went to ‘Zainie’s’. Apart from helping you pile on the pounds, the tour also introduces you to some friendly locals who’ll teach you more about the area’s past, present and future.
  • There’s also the Malay museum and South Africa’s first mosque to check out in Bo-Kaap too.

2. Mzoli’s

  • Think grime, dirt and great deal of awesome. It has to be perhaps one of the most original restaurants around – although ‘restaurant’ is a small exaggeration. Mzoli’s is an iron shack with plastic tables and chairs stuck regarding the side of the local butchers in the region of Gugulethu.
  • While it does not sound so glam, the food is amongst the city’s tastiest and a bit of grunge is obviously fun.
  • The idea is fairly simple: you pile your plate full of meat (there’s a ridiculous amount of choice), watch for it to grill regarding the big BBQ, grab a beer and dance towards the butcher’s DJ pals as you do.
  • No knives, no forks, no messing at Mzoli’s – pure, hedonistic indulgence, and a veggie’s worst nightmare.

3. Wine tasting

  • It’s a well known fact that South African wine is some of the best and thus it could be rude to not ever indulge in a number of the region’s favourites.
  • There are many vineyards it is possible to go to through the city by bus, in accordance with bottles as cheap as £3 they’re well worth the fare. Most vineyards offer tours of the land in which the winemakers will explain the grape to glass process. They’ll also share some samples with you, provide you with a nibble and sometimes provide you with a room when it comes to night if you just can’t stumble home. Stellenbosch and Franschhoek are among the biggest vineyards in the area but I went to the lesser-known Constantia Winery and sampled as numerous wines that you can, at about 10am.

4. Shopping

  • Cape Town has a great amount to offer when it comes to shopping which is unfortunately bad news when it comes to banking account but good news for the wardrobe.
  • The Watershed has over 150 stalls offering food, clothing and art, while designer boutiques and local marketsare dotted throughout the city. Greenmarket is ideal for picking up the ethnic goodies and exotic jewellery, and Long Street could be the location to go for all things retro. It’s here that the budget is within real danger with vintage shops in succession – an Instagrammer’s dream.

5. Climb Table Mountain

  • Significantly more than 20 million men and women have climbed up Table Mountain in Cape Town but none for the photos taken could ever do the scene justice. It’s also been voted one of many New 7 Wonders of Nature – the views through the top are incredible.
  • It’s easy enough to climb up and you may go unaided, however, if you’re feeling lazy or perhaps you don’t have much time, like me, there’s always the cable car. It’ll whizz you to the most notable in a minute just for 185ZAR (£11.75).
  • If that’s just not fast enough, you may take it one step further and view the mountain by air from a helicopter. At around 1600ZAR each (£100) it’s quite the investment, however, if you have the cash, the ability is really worth it.

6. Do an extreme sport

  • Cape Town is a hub for all those who love only a little adrenaline, can stomach heights and have that crazy need to jump away from things. While you might not be in a position to cram in every nail-biting go through the city is offering in one single trip, you ought to certainly sample a few of the city’s extreme sports. You can easily literally take your pick with several companies offering anything from paragliding over the mountains, kite surfing in the waves or kayaking the Cape Point.
  • While often just a little pricey, these experiences can be ways to see a few of the city’s best views and create each day to keep in mind.

7. Shark cage diving

  • Heart beating already? Yeah, shark cage diving isn’t one for the knee wobblers.
  • There are many companies into the city that provide you the opportunity to head on to the deep waters and find out a shark close up. It is possible to usually book the excursion throughout your hotel or hostel for around ZAR 1650 (£ 78), but shop around for top deal and also make sure you do your company research.
  • Try to find a company which takes its responsibility into the water together with sharks seriously. They ought ton’t overfeed the shark (a danger when there will be tourists to please), they need to look for areas clear of other deep sea delvers so as not to ever disturb the same areas as well as should only sign up for small groups at a time. All of this is to protect the sharks and make certain minimal obtrusion into the marine environment.

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Things You Need To Do in Cape Town Before You Die

Things To Do

  • Things you need to do at least one time (or every once in a while) as a visitor and local
  • This is certainly our essential checklist of 56 things to do (Activities In Cape Town) in Cape Town, for locals and tourists, adults and kids.


  1. Take a helicopter ride using the city’s TripAdvisor-rated number-one operator, Cape Town Helicopters, to discover the Mother City like never before (ranked in the top three must-do tours in Cape Town). Using state-of-the-art, quieter and more eco-friendly (not to mention wider 270-degree window view) Airbus craft, you easily get the most Instagrammable views in Cape Town in the Cape Point flight or sweep that someone special off their feet and to the air from the VIP Winelands flight. Forget the ferry to check out the historic Robben Island from a perspective-smashing new vantage point. And, get the full experience for significantly less than you think: the Hopper flight keeps you within budget with an extraordinary helicopter adventure for around the price of two dinners at a city restaurant.
  2. Go wine tasting, of course. But you can find over 2000 vineyards and wine estates within the Western Cape, so how to start? Book a wine tour with Wine Flies, the boutique touring company invites one to explore the province through wine. It is possible to visit as much as five wine estates per day – and even more if you decide to carry on a weekend away.
  3. Look at the Zeitz MOCAA Museum, which houses the largest assortment of contemporary African art. Marvel at the architecture, get lost into the art or perhaps explore the Silo District during the V&A Waterfront where the museum building is based.
  4. Take in Cape Cape Malay culture and history through the sensational food by firmly taking a Malay cooking course.
  5. Be a beach bum. We have gorgeous stretches of sea and sand at each turn. Or opt for a thrill of another type of kind and take a dip in another of our natural rock pools, dotted across the city and surrounds.
  6. Take a Hop On Hop Off City Sightseeing Bus – this service is a tried, tested and incredibly fun way of seeing the city’s main attractions. And take an urban tour with Kiff Kombie.
  7. Langebaan is a popular weekend destination for relaxing and unwinding. As opposed to the usual holiday home accommodation, why don’t you spend the weekend (or longer) living on a house boat into the West Coast National Park.
  8. Join the Mother City’s favourite weekday past-time, First Thursdays when, in the first thursday of each month, city sights, particularly art galleries, restaurants and shops, stay open late into the night for all to savor the urban vibe in the evening.
  9. Sundays are about long lazy brunches and driving along our 9km stretch of paradise, namely Chapman’s Peak – it’s a must-do with breathtaking views.
  10. Wile away the day at a tshisanyama, there’s a spot in any one of our townships. It’s where locals head to eat good meat, tune in to music and chill with friends.
  11. Collect a few of friends and family to consult with some of the very interesting caves we now have across the city. To truly get you started here are 12 Caves To Discover This Summer in Cape Town and Surrounds.
  12. Take in the urban creativity on a street art tour in Woodstock. This trendy neighbourhood boasts a number of walls adorned with art in a myriad of colours and designs.
  13. Spend every single day at one of the better nature reserves in South Africa, Cape Point.
  14. There was a little walk that winds its way between Muizenberg and St. James, which will be perfect for a gentle stroll with family and friends. Interestingly, this coastal stretch used to be referred to as Cape Town’s Golden Mile.
  15. Provide the Mystery Ghost Bus a go. This ride takes one to the caretaker City’s oldest, spookiest venues, like the Kimberley Hotel therefore the Castle of great Hope.
  16. Start to see the Garden Route regarding the Blue Train. This classic form of travelling could be the epitome of elegance and luxury.
  17. Try a Gatsby – Cape Town’s signature super loaf, which will be usually filled with slap chips and a range of other fillings like polony, steak, atchar, and a lot more. It’s delicious.
  18. It is a pretty wise solution: you must go up Table Mountain – it is one of several New 7 Wonders of Nature.
  19. Take an ever-awesome hike up Lion’s Head.
  20. Spend just about every day exploring Simon’s Town (and be sure to visit there by train). It really is home into the South African Navy’s largest naval base, and an authentic wartime submarine is visible there.
  21. Take a look at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens – The stunning garden was named “International Garden of the season” by the International Garden Tourism Awards Body in 2015. There’s also a great treetop canopy walkway called the “Boomslang” which was declared the most wonderful Object in South Africa in the 2015 Design Indaba.
  22. Getting a haircut might seem too vanilla for a bucket list but once you realize that Swordfern occasionally does blindfolded haircuts your inner thrill-seeker might get excited. This edgy, environmentally-conscious health and beauty salon also has a regular ‘bring a bro’ special and offers gender neutral cuts so ladies and lads pay exactly the same price for a wash or chop.
  23. Make use of the wonderful Signal Hill. You might paraglide from the famous mound with Parataxi, or soak when you look at the views associated with the cool and calm Atlantic Ocean below, or just take a moment to look at the sunrise or sunset.
  24. Take a look at Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock. This hotspot is home towards the Neighbourgoods Market, the weekly Saturday market with artisanal food and drink, along with a number of great clothing stands.
  25. If you’re keen to check out “Cape Town’s most loved group activity”, challenge yourself and a team of your friends with Hint Hunt; the absolute most exciting live escape game to hit the town.
  26. Visit Boulder’s Beach in Simon’s Town. It really is here in which you will discover a colony of penguins that settled there in 1982.
  27. Take a trip into the historic Robben Island, home into the prison that housed many political prisoners under apartheid, the most famous being Nelson Mandela.
  28. It really is imperative that you have a look at Cape Town’s famous Long Street. The CBD roadway is renowned for its endless offering of clubs, pubs, bars, restaurants and more.
  29. Head to the quaint seaside town of Kalk Bay for its beautiful views regarding the False Bay coastline, its charming little shops plus the even more. Additionally, it is a top spot for getting tasty fish and chips in the well-known fishery, Kalky’s.
  30. Get inked. Tattoos are just like poker chips; you can’t just have one. Consider the hand poke technique for the next piece. Palm Black Tattoo Co. is among the only tattoo studios into the city that offer this interesting alternative to the conventional tattooing technique.
  31. Ensure you visit Muizenberg beach. The popular sandy shoreline is a prime spot for surfing and features those well-known colourful changing booths that can be found in many Cape Town tourist photos.
  32. Check out Rhodes Memorial, which is situated on the slopes of Devil’s Peak Mountain (in the University of Cape Town). This location offers great views regarding the city, and is also a chilled spot for selfies and relaxing with friends.
  33. Go shark diving in Gansbaai. Just couple of hours away from Cape Town, this location is known as the Great White Shark capital of the world.
  34. Take a personal pilgrimage through the the peninsula by walking the Cape Camino – the sacred walk of approximately 200km takes between seven and nine days on foot. It’s a great window of opportunity for reflection as you explore beautiful Cape Town.
  35. Check out the Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay. On the weekend shindig has over 80 trader stalls filled with delightful goods and also features live music and much more.
  36. Marvel during the magic of our Milky Way in the Planetarium. This popular cultural institution hosts themed shows, the schedule of that is available on their website.
  37. Watch the sunset from the back of an electric powered bicycle with GONOW. This might be perfect if you wish to culture-up your Instagram account, since the two-hour trip includes four to five photo opportunity stops in the Lionel Smit artwork in Sea Point.
  38. Take a stroll through the Company’s Garden – you can easily picnic into the garden or read a book under the sun while the playful squirrels scurry around you. The delightful restaurant into the garden will probably be worth visiting too when you are getting peckish.
  39. Cycle through areas of the CBD with Moonlight Mass. The popular event takes place every full moon and invites both Capetonians and tourists to see Cape Town streets in a different, er, light.
  40. Watch the Mother City wake up at a secret sunrise. We could say more, nonetheless it’s a secret.
  41. Go to the Pan African Market on Long Street. You will find beautifully engineered artwork here, through the eclectic to your historical. It’s the best location to shops for gifts and souvenirs.
  42. View over 3000 creatures at the Two Oceans Aquarium. Perfect for kids and curious adults alike, this spot is home to lots and lots of aquatic species and even hosts children’s birthday parties.
  43. Explore the Cape of great Hope. This rocky headland is from the coast of the Cape Peninsula and it is referred to as one of the great capes associated with South Atlantic Ocean.
  44. Enjoy morning or afternoon tea during the Mount Nelson Hotel. This activity has been a firm favourite among Capetonians and travellers alike for a long time and is well worth a go (if you’re not already an everyday). Tea at the 12 Apostles Hotel is really as delightful. Here the scene alone could keep you entranced all day.
  45. Take a walk from the Sea Point Promenade. This stretch of path on the Atlantic Seaboard is a superb spot for casual cycling, a good work out (there is a patio gym) and it is perfect for taking your dog out for a walk.
  46. Go to the V&A Waterfront. Tourists and Capetonians alike like it because of its restaurants, local and international shops, and endless selection of entertainment. The Silo District is now perhaps one of the most popular spots during the V&A. Wander there too.
  47. Aim for a swim at Long Street Baths. This facility happens to be a favourite spot for Capetonians to cool off for longer than over 100 years. It features a big indoor pool and Turkish steam baths.
  48. Go glamping. The company to utilize for your luxury lodgings is AfriCamps. The outdoor living experts, who brought the thought of glamping to South Africa, have five camps, placed at some of the most beautiful farms and estates into the Cape: in Oudtshoorn, Swellendam, Robertson, Stanford and Plettenberg Bay.
  49. Take a look at St George’s Cathedral (that was designed by Sir Herbert Baker). It is the oldest cathedral in Southern Africa and it is the mother church associated with Anglican Diocese of Cape Town.
  50. Go to the Iziko Slave Lodge, one of the oldest buildings in Cape Town. This museum has been renamed multiple times over the years, and now explores a brief history of slaves in South Africa.
  51. Find the Lookout Hill in Khayelitsha. Situated just 30kms from Cape Town, this attraction is created from the largest sand dune from the Cape Flats and boasts stunning views associated with surrounding area. Don’t overlook the 18 Gangster Museum.
  52. Revel at South African art in the Irma Stern Museum. The former home associated with famous South African Expressionist painter Irma Stern (1894 – 1966), the room features a permanent exhibition regarding the artist’s paintings, drawings, ceramics and sculptures, along with her private number of early European furniture, African and Oriental art.
  53. Take a step back ever sold during the District Six Museum. Found in the former inner-city residential area of District Six, where significantly more than 60 000 residents were forcibly removed underneath the controversial Group Areas Act in 1966.
  54. Sip and swirl top-class wine in Constantia, where some of South Africa’s oldest wine producing estates is available, including the popular Groot Constantia. But there’s more, in the CBD you can enjoy Open Wine in a wine bar.
  55. Take a look at World of Birds. It is Africa’s largest bird park with over 3 000 birds and 400 different species spread over four hectares of land.
  56. While visiting the Mother City dare to try “the world’s strongest coffee” by Black Insomnia Coffee Company. Available online and also at a wide range of coffee shops in Cape Town, including Shift Espresso Bar and Hard Pressed Café, the local java brand has just over 6% more caffeine than its closest competitor’s product in america.
  57. There’s only 1 option to see Cape Town: from a bird’s eye view. Book a tandem paraglide, microlight or gyrocopter trip with Celestial Gift Experiences and take within the beauty of the city from a vantage point few ever are able to see. No experience necessary; just dress for the weather and prepare for a good time.
    • When you have worked your path through this bucket list, begin the choice Cape Town bucket list.


    • Besides this list, Cape Town has a plethora of unique things to do causing you to be available to explore the parts unknown. We would not forget about you foodies, you can find awesome experiences to choose from, trust us, you’ll like it. But sometimes you have to treat your children too by entertaining their adventurous side

Documentary: Declaration of Broken Promises

The history of large dams in Africa has been one of broken promises and incalculable losses. This is the story of the dam affected in their own voices. It is based initially on the Southern African Hearings for Communities affected by Large Dams in 1999, and was endorsed and presented by the African Rivers Network with some changes at the African Ministerial Conference on Hydropower and Sustainable Development. This 9 minute video gives life to the Declaration through the use of photographs of Africa dam case studies. This is shared on the anniversary of World Rivers Day (September 2009) in support of wild rivers everywhere and the communities who depend on them.

Production and most photographs: Liane Greeff. Narration and music: Roy MacGregor. Other photographs provided by the African Rivers Network and the Environmental Monitoring Group. The original declaration was edited by Steve Rothert and the Southern African Hearings Team based on community presentations, and the African Ministerial Conference was developed by Liane Greeff and Terri Hathaway and the African Rivers Network delegation. This EcoDoc Africa Production was funded by the Global Greengrants Fund.

Documentary: We Fear the Unknown Future

This is a short documentary about the impending resettlement of communities away from the Zambezi River to make way for the Mphanda Nkuwa Dam, downstream from Cahora Bassa. It was produced, filmed and edited by Liane Greeff of EcoDoc Africa in collaboration with the Environmental Monitoring Group (EMG) and Justica Ambiental (JA!) and made possible with funds from the Global Greengrants Fund and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.