Yomi Rodrig

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Documentary: Declaration of Broken Promises

The history of large dams in Africa has been one of broken promises and incalculable losses. This is the story of the dam affected in their own voices. It is based initially on the Southern African Hearings for Communities affected by Large Dams in 1999, and was endorsed and presented by the African Rivers Network with some changes at the African Ministerial Conference on Hydropower and Sustainable Development. This 9 minute video gives life to the Declaration through the use of photographs of Africa dam case studies. This is shared on the anniversary of World Rivers Day (September 2009) in support of wild rivers everywhere and the communities who depend on them.

Production and most photographs: Liane Greeff. Narration and music: Roy MacGregor. Other photographs provided by the African Rivers Network and the Environmental Monitoring Group. The original declaration was edited by Steve Rothert and the Southern African Hearings Team based on community presentations, and the African Ministerial Conference was developed by Liane Greeff and Terri Hathaway and the African Rivers Network delegation. This EcoDoc Africa Production was funded by the Global Greengrants Fund.

Documentary: We Fear the Unknown Future

This is a short documentary about the impending resettlement of communities away from the Zambezi River to make way for the Mphanda Nkuwa Dam, downstream from Cahora Bassa. It was produced, filmed and edited by Liane Greeff of EcoDoc Africa in collaboration with the Environmental Monitoring Group (EMG) and Justica Ambiental (JA!) and made possible with funds from the Global Greengrants Fund and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

Documentary: Water Flows to Money: Water and Climate Change

Water currently flows to money. This needs to change. How this happens is the heart of this video’s message on water and climate change.

Africa’s rivers, lakes, aquifers and rainfall patterns will be affected by climate change and leave millions of people even more vulnerable than they already are.
This video was undertaken as a collaboration between the Environmental Monitoring Group and EcoDoc Africa, and highlights the importance of shifting our thinking and economic patterns in order to address this effectively. The video was recorded and edited by Liane Greeff at the Second Africa Water Week and features Jessica Wilson of EMG and Trevor Manuel from the Office of the Presidency both talking about the reality of climate change and its relationship to water.

Documentary Fundraiser Isibani- Bring the Light

Whilst filming a rainwater harvesting case study at Potshini, Bergville we visited the Isibani Community Centre at Winterton and were amazed at the work they do in the community especially around health and child care which is so desperately needed. We decided to film them in action and to produce a documentary of their work, and their dreams in order to help them raise funds and to attract volunteers.

Documentary: Plantation Trees and Water Use

Seventy years of Jonkershoek Paired Catchment Experiments

Plantations use significant amounts of water and South Africa is an arid country. In this documentary Arthur Chapman from One World Sustainable Investments (previously CSIR) takes us on a tour and shares with us the background of seventy years of hydrological research in the Jonkershoek Valley and how the paired catchment experiments work, and how much water trees really use. This documentary was produced in collaboration with GeaSphere and made with funds from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.